this is my submission for the Godot Wild Jam 29.

Some info about the game:

Hello there, you are stranded on a cursed desert.
Every day you have to find supplies before the sandstorm comes.
After every sandstorm the desert changes and grows and everything has to be found again.
How long can you survive in those conditions?

To move use arrow keys or `w a s d`.
After collecting every item you have to get back to your hut.
Your speed will be different on every type of sand.
There are 6 items to find every day.

At the beginning of the year I told myself that I'll make games for every Godot Wild Jam so here it is 1/?12.
Unfortunately because of work and other stuff that came in the way I didn't have as much time as I would like, so there are many things that were planned missing for example no sound :(
Well, hope you have a bit of fun, and please leave your best times and longest survival times and also critique in the comments :)

Tools used:
Godot Engine 3.2

Everything (coming up with the idea, 'art', coding, etc) took about 15-16 hours.

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