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This tool allows you to generate a round or rectangular cityscape.

- seed - the seed that all random funcions are based on
- size - 10 to 500 the radius of the base
- buildings width - min and max building x wall length (int values)
- buildings length - min and max building z wall length (int values)
- buildings height - min and max building y wall length (building height) (int values)
- outer shrink - if *on* the building will get shorter the further they are from the center
- road sizes - one of the values is picked to make free space around the building (int values separated by a comma)

The first (central) building will always be max height.

For now the only way to export the city is to use the export gltf option inside Godot (source code for that purpose coming soon - after I clean it up a bit)

** In some cases (small buildings on large areas the app can break **

Things I would like to add:
 - downloadable project files so you could export the city
 - try to get the HTML5 version running
 - movement and zoom for X/Y/Z cameras
 - free movement (wasd + mouse) for the 3d camera
 - more options regarding building colors and textures
If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment :)

Tools used:
 - Godot Engine 3.4
 - Krita
 - Font


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CityGenerator-linux.zip 15 MB
CityGenerator-windows.zip 14 MB
CityGenerator.osx.zip 28 MB


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Awesome work!

thanks :)

This could be used to generate all sorts of low-poly textural assets.  If I were to make a 3D RPG (not that I would, or do), this could be a sort of tile generator.  Make different low-poly shapes available, like circles, spheres, pyramids.  Heck, even mushrooms (or really large water towers!).  Pretty rad stuff.

yeah, right now it just places large deformed cubes, but there could be a custom shape collection to choose from in that place instead :)